Sunday, May 30, 2010

Happy Vesak Day

Taken: 28-May-2010
Pictures taken with Nikon D300s, Nikon 35mm F1.8.
Location: Sri Lankaramaya temple, Singapore
All pictures © all rights reserved.

Took a few photos during the Buddhist festival. Mostly abstracts. Happy Vesak day!

#1 - Offering

#2 - Come into the light

#4 - Lights

Friday, May 28, 2010

The Stillness after the Storm

Taken: 22-May-2010
Pictures taken with Nikon D300s, Tokina 11-16mm F2.8.
Location: Clarke Quay, Singapore
All pictures © all rights reserved.

Did an early morning shoot at Clarke Quay last week. The light was not the greatest but managed to get in couple of marginal keepers. More than the flat lighting, we were all very shocked with the amount of trash around the area and in the water. It was obvious that there were some major partying going on along the river banks before we got there. This was a stark contrast to the quietness of the entire area in the morning. We were quite disappointed with the people that partied along the river the night before but nevertheless, we worked with what we have.

#1 - Dawn shot of the scene (some trash was removed using PP)

#2 - Another shot of the quiet Clarke quay in the morning.

#3 - This is the amount of trash we saw.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

A visit to the Saloon

Taken: 14-May-2010
Pictures taken with Nikon D300s, 85mm/2 Ai, 35mm/1.8.
Location: Singapore
All pictures © all rights reserved.

Went to our regular hair stylist because my wife wanted a haircut. While waiting for her, I put on my newly acquired old manual 85mm F2 lens and started shooting. The output is quite pleasing, with smooth bokeh, and a slight old school feel. A couple of pics were shot with the 35/1.8 DX too.





#5 - Taken with 35/1.8 DX.

#1 - Taken with 35/1.8 DX. The fish in the aquarium situated in the Saloon.

Old street performer

Taken: 14-May-2010
Pictures taken with Nikon D300s, 35mm/1.8.
Location: Singapore
All pictures © all rights reserved.

I was in the East running some errands and bumped into this street performer. I have seen him several times before and always liked his style. A little older than your standard performer, he played his Er-hu and sang with pride and confidence. I politely asked to take a couple of pictures of him and here they are. (*Note: if you are headed there to take photos of him, it is polite to show some monetary support at the same time).



Sunday, May 2, 2010

Bits and pieces of Shanghai

Taken: 29/30-Apr-2010
Pictures taken with Nikon D300s, 35mm/1.8, 55-200mm VR, Nokia N97 mini
Location: Shanghai, China
All pictures © all rights reserved.

Having lived in Shanghai for 5 years, i started to notice that it is the little things that make up most of our experiences in a certain place. I started to shoot the little things I see these two days and see what I come up with. Pretty much ignored the grand landscapes at sunset/sunrise. But focused on shooting everyday sights as I see it, as and when I have some sort of a camera around and when I do remember to shoot it. It is a new experience for me and some of the pictures looked real interesting. Here are few samples.

#1 - Metro shopping mall in Xujiahui.

#2 - Shanghai metro subway (taken with Nokia N97m).

#3 - Best BBQ in town. Near my place, streetside.

#4 - The Grill @ streetside.

#5 - Pick your meat.

#6 - New Hongqiao Airport (taken with Nokia N97m).

#5 - Looking out the (airport) window.

#6 - Life at the airport.

#7 - In her own world.

#8 - Service counter.

All pictures © all rights reserved.
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