Sunday, May 2, 2010

Bits and pieces of Shanghai

Taken: 29/30-Apr-2010
Pictures taken with Nikon D300s, 35mm/1.8, 55-200mm VR, Nokia N97 mini
Location: Shanghai, China
All pictures © all rights reserved.

Having lived in Shanghai for 5 years, i started to notice that it is the little things that make up most of our experiences in a certain place. I started to shoot the little things I see these two days and see what I come up with. Pretty much ignored the grand landscapes at sunset/sunrise. But focused on shooting everyday sights as I see it, as and when I have some sort of a camera around and when I do remember to shoot it. It is a new experience for me and some of the pictures looked real interesting. Here are few samples.

#1 - Metro shopping mall in Xujiahui.

#2 - Shanghai metro subway (taken with Nokia N97m).

#3 - Best BBQ in town. Near my place, streetside.

#4 - The Grill @ streetside.

#5 - Pick your meat.

#6 - New Hongqiao Airport (taken with Nokia N97m).

#5 - Looking out the (airport) window.

#6 - Life at the airport.

#7 - In her own world.

#8 - Service counter.

All pictures © all rights reserved.


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