Sunday, October 16, 2011

A Chinese Opera Story

Taken: 30-Sep and 1-Oct 2011
Location: Chong Pang, Singapore.
All pictures © all rights reserved.

I was invited by a couple of friends to visit a Chinese Opera Troupe. It was a very enriching experience. Seeing the performers backstage, talking to them, getting to know them is simply wonderful. It helped me understand and appreciate my heritage so much more. It was very heart warming to see art like this still around. However we are also sad that this traditional cultural art-form is going to be gone in a few years, as the younger generation shun Chinese Opera for mega pop stars and modern music. Most of the performers are not getting any younger and there are only but a handful of younger performers to replace them. With no funding from cultural heritage groups nor the government, many members of the troupe will not be able to continue this as a livelihood in the future. Sad to hear.


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