Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Camdapter QR adapter.

If you use a hand strap and are not using a Canon camera, you will understand my pain. Most hand straps require the use of the tripod thread at the bottom of the camera. I've used one from Matin before, and I have to screw a platform onto the bottom of the camera. The version I was using came with another screw thread for my tripod quick release plate but is slightly off center. Once I attach my QR plate, the profile is pretty thick making the camera quite unstable when placed on a flat surface, not to mention the risk of the stability of the camera on the tripod.

I've tried looking around for a solution to this and found that Arca style QR plates are available with slots on both sides of the plate to allow for hand straps and normal neck strap on each side. Problem is, I am using the Manfrotto 488RC2 ball head. I searched all over the net and stumbled on an adapter made by this company called Camdapter. Camdapter offered 2 Manfrotto style plates and I ordered the Manfrotto Plus adapter and it arrived today. I am extremely pleased with it. The adapter is made of aluminium and the build is just fantastic. The top-grain leather handstrap is also made very well and the leather is thick and tough. Check out the pictures below to see how it works, installed on my D90. Kudos to Camdapter for the great products and great service.

#1 - The Camdapter Manfrotto Plus adapter installed.

#2 - Mounted on the Manfrotto 488RC2 ballhead (back view).

#2 - Mounted on the Manfrotto 488RC2 ballhead (front view) with leather hand strap.

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