Sunday, October 11, 2009

Peace at Marina Barrage

Taken: Oct 10th 2009.
Location: Marina Barrage, Singapore
Pictures taken with Nikon D90, Tamron 17-50mm/2.8.
All pictures © all rights reserved.

Re-visited Marina Barrage again in the morning. I've been there quite a number of times but it was always crowded with photographers and other folk. This particular morning was very different. Apart from a pair of love birds and a security guard, all there to see the sunrise, there were no one else. Strange for an early Saturday morning. It was one of the most peaceful sunrises I have ever seen, Sometimes we all need a break from the crowds. Here are some pics from this morning. Enjoy!

#1 - Lights at Marina Barrage

#2 - Moment right before the sun rises out from the horizon.

#3 - Explosion of Light at Sunrise.


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