Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Camdapter Manfrotto L-Plate

For most of us Manfrotto RC2 users, there are just not many options available in terms of accessories. And as an avid landscape photographer, I always yearn for a L-plate. With an L-plate, I will be able to mount my camera in the portrait orientation upright on the ball head. This makes it a lot easier to compose in the portrait orientation. It also keeps the center of gravity dead center of the tripod, as well as giving less stress to the ball head. So when Camdapter announced the new Manfrotto L-Plate, I was jumping for joy and immediately ordered one. If you want one too, you can order one at this site.

Well, it finally came and here are some pictures of how it looked and performed.
#1 - The L-plate. Very well made.

#2 - It is a smart but simple design. The L plate can be adjusted by sliding the bottom plate. The 4 small screws on the base plate are used to tighten the L plate once the width is set. Mini allen key is provided.

#3 - Recessed screw that mounts to the camera tripod mount. Allen key is included in the package.

#4 - This is how the L plate looks installed on the camera with the Camdapter top grain leather hand strap.

#5 - This is what the L plate is all about. The L plate is nice and solid. I am a happy camper now!


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