Saturday, January 7, 2012

Long Hai Fishing Village - Part 2

Taken: 11th Nov 2011
Location: Long Hai Fishing Village,Ba Ria Province, Vietnam
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The people of Long Hai are beautiful and very friendly. If they can afford the time, they will smile while we take our shots. The children are more wary of strangers and will shy away when they see the large black cameras pointed at them. The people of Long Hai do not have a lot, but they are content. They do not live in very good conditions but they are happy.

Crew from fishing boats hitting the shore after a hard night's work.

Going home.

We are going Home!!!

Old lady of Long Hai.

Happy family portrait.

Young baby boy at breakfast time.

While adults play, kids play too.

Portrait of a boy of Long Hai.

Mother and Son.

Breakfast time.


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