Thursday, January 12, 2012

Nha Lon, Long Son Island

Taken: 11th Nov 2011
Location: Long Son Island, Ba Ria - Vung Tau Province, Vietnam
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Long Son is home to an ancient commune. The commune is self sufficient. Nha Lon, meaning "Big House", is the home of Ong Tran religion and the center of this commune. In Nha Lon, the old "Nom" language, which is very similar to Chinese, is still practiced among the holy men. Here are some pictures taken in Long Son Island. You can read more about Long Son here.

The holy men practice their Nom and writes the ceremony banners using the old calligraphy.

This beautiful lady is the current person in charge of Nha Lon (the Big House).

The folks gather in the big hall of Nha Lon, waiting for the religious ceremony.

Some of the Holy men, sitting around and chatting. The second gentleman from the left actually speaks Chinese.

This handsome gentlemen is 80 years old.

A young man sits waiting for his turn...

The folks wears black robes and walks barefooted towards Nha Lon for a religious ceremony.

Inside the home of a Long Son resident.

Inside the home of a Long Son resident.


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