Monday, February 8, 2010

20 below Zero (Part 2/3)

Taken: January 2010.
Location: Jilin province, China
Pictures taken with Nikon D90, Tokina 11-16mm/2.8.
All pictures © all rights reserved.

After a night in the city, we move on to a small Korean ethnic village 2 hours away. The village is quite a small one with only 30 households where we spent the next nine days. It is also one of the villages that is situated quite a distance from the main road. It is a 2km hike from the main road before reaching the village finally.

Old Tree by the road home.

The village.

Home Sweet Home. Floor is heated by wood fire under the stoves.

Barn used to store corn.

Locals collect and split their own firewood.

Sled used to transport the wood in.

Truck crossing the frozen river as the main road is snowed shut.


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